Turkish Bay Leaves is the most the unique bay leaf variety in the world. Turkish Bay Leaves have a unique flavor, aroma, color and taste like no other bay leaves in the world.

Turkish Bay Leaves have oval leaves 1-4 inches long where as the California Bay Leaves has long slender leaves 2-5 inches long.

The Turkish Bay Leaves have softer, more subtle flavor and are more commonly used in most cooking. The California variety has a bright green color and a beautiful long leaf, with a strong, slightly astringent flavor.

Dried Turkish Bay Leaves can last for a long time. Test your Turkish Bay Leaves by bending it slightly – it should have a bit of flexibility, and when broken, it should still have an aroma.

Kadioglu Baharat offers exclusive Turkish Bay Leaves from Mersin Region of Turkey in different qualities and shape. The highest quality Turkish Bay Leaves grows on the coastal mountains of Mersin, Turkey.

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